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History of the Master's Chapter, Fort Gordon, GA

Masters Chapter was established in 1974 as the Fort Gordon Chapter USAWOA, with By-Law approval happening in 1980. The chapter offically closed in in April 2002.

Fellow Warrant Officers tried to reopen in 2005, however it was not successful due to lack of participation. It was officially closed again in December 2008.

Again fellow Warrant Officer attempted to re-initalize the chapter again in July 2010 with the new name of Fort Gordon Masters. Unfortunately, it was again unsuccessful.

On 03 February 2015, Masters Chapter was granted their operating charter by National Headquarters. Additionally on that day, the current elected leadership was sworn in from Pro-Tem to Official.

On 01 May 2015, Masters Chapter was given approval and authorization to operate on the Fort Gordon Installation.

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The officers who lead the Masters Chapter

Daniela Davies

CW3(Ret) Daniela Davies


CW3(Ret) has been a member of the USAWOA since 2009 and member of the Masters Chapter since 2014. In 2019, Daniela became a lifetime member of the USAWOA and member of the 1918 Society (#170).

Daniela also serves as the Chairperson for USAWOA's Web and Social Media Council (WSMC).

Ryan Paul

CW2 Ryan Paul

Vice President

CW2 Ryan Paul has been a member of USAWOA since 2019. In 2021, he became the Vice President of the Masters Chapter. Ryan is also a recipient of the USAWOA Honorable Order of the Eagle Rising (Bronze level).

Outside of his military duties, Ryan is a college-level, adjunct instructor for cybersecurity-related curriculum. Ryan is also a member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the National Infantry Association, and the Association of the United States Army.

Chapter Secretary

CW4 Kevin Jones


CW4 Kevin Jones was appointed as the Masters Chapter Secretary in 2019. Kevin is a recipient of the USAWOA Honorable Order of the Eagle Rising (Bronze Level) award.

Kevin is an instructor at the US Army Cyber Center of Excellence for 170A Warrant Officer Basic and Advanced Courses and an adjunct professor for cybersecurity-realated curriculm.

Chapter Treasurer

CW2 Johnathan Rutherford


CW2 Johnathan Rutherford joined USAWOA in 2019, and appointed Masters Chapter Treasurer in 2022.


Current Committee Chairs

  • Executive Committee: CW3(Ret) Meoshay Stanley and CW3(Ret) Dan Henderson

2021-2022 Officers

  • President: CW3(Ret) Daniela Davies
  • Vice-President: CW2 Ryan Paul
  • Secretary: CW4 Kevin Jones
  • Treasurer: CW2 Johnathan Rutherford

2020-2021 Officers

  • President: CW3 Daniela Davies
  • Vice-President: CW5 Ivery Torbert
  • Secretary: CW3 Kevin Jones
  • Treasurer: CW2 Blane Richoux

2019-2020 Officers

  • President: CW4 Matthew Chase
  • Vice-President: CW3 Daniela Davies
  • Secretary: CW4 Vickie Carriaga
  • Treasurer: CW2 Dan Komnick

2017-2019 Officers

  • President: CW3 Larry Elrod
  • Vice-President: CW3 Meoshay Stanley
  • Secretary: CW2 Dan Komnick
  • Treasurer: CW4 Matthew Chase

2015-2017 Officers

  • President: CW2 Meoshay Stanley
  • Vice-President: CW3 Dan Henderson
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:
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The Masters Chapter holds quarterly meetings announced on Facebook and by email.

Masters Chapter
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Raising funds to support our community

The USAWOA Masters Chapter relies on the funds raised from hosting a concession stand at the Columbia County Fall Fair.

CCFall Fair

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